About us


ME Brief History


1975    Mikroelektronika (ME) started as a part of a large industrial complex - Rudi Cajavec, which produced military equipment. Rudi Cajavec was a leading company in the field of military electronics and produced 70% of total electronics in former Yugoslavia whose major export product was the military technology.


After developing and implementing thick and thin films’ technology, ME became responsible for producing state of the art electronics for radar systems, fighter airplanes’ technical equipment, armed vehicles, tanks etc.

Being a leader prior to 1990’s, ME exported its knowledge, technologies and products to Soviet Union.


1990/5 ExYugoslavia wars and starting of transition changed profiles of all local companies which made ME become commercially oriented company.

ME started producing Police radar systems and electronics for car industry, as well as medical equipment based on electronics and electromagnetic microwaves.

ME medical program was developed as a joint project with Belgrade Military Medical Academy and was fully successful implemented in various medical areas.

In the meantime, well experienced ME military engineers started a brand new research and development project related to products for electric energy measurement and its consumption management (the first generation of such EE meters was developed in 1994 as a pilot project within the whole Central Europe).


2001    ME received ISO 9001:2000 certificates and constantly keeps up to date with the best international standards and certificates.

2001    ME exported its systems’ production license to Sitel, Serbia (it finalizes and calibrates products for Serbian market in accordance to local laws and requirements).

2003    ME turned into privately owned company and changed its name to Mikroelektronika AD; Mr. Dragan Praštalo, ME general manager since 1989, became its owner.

2004    ME products were CE certified and it became valid production standard for all ME products until now.

2004    ME exported its systems’ production license to Timi, Kosova (it finalizes and calibrates products for Kosovo market in accordance to local laws and requirements).

2010   Based on 10 years of experience with implementation of fiscal cash registers together with organization of distribution and service networks, ME developed and started serial production of new line of products – fiscal systems.



ME Today Overview


ME developed many solutions for electric energy consumption management till now. Today we produce the fifth generation line of these products. Our latest solutions put together sophisticated software with centralized intelligent measuring devices that offer to end users the full control of energy consumption monitoring, management and decreasing costs.


ME focuses its business on constant development of products and services in order to achieve personalized and custom designed solutions for all kinds of clients’ requirements.


Our vision is to make energy consumption management highly personal with unlimited options for end users to choose how to fulfill their energy needs.


ME now represents a matrix of continuous development of its portfolio, technologies, production facilities and human resources. It currently hires 80 qualified employees, all working in R&D, marketing, Quality control and management, SMT and final assembling and testing.

For all other aspects of production such as production of mechanical and plastic components, we developed a network of numerous outsourcing providers of specific additional equipment and services that round up the availability of ME final solutions.

Total amount of these highly professional internal and external researchers and developers of our solutions within Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia and Kosovo, exceeds 200 people at the moment.

ME is proud to offer the following services to its customers:

-         market research and consulting,

-         creation of specific systems and solutions,

-         implementation of various solutions,

-         monitoring of solutions and related processes,

-         maintenance of implemented systems,

-         analysis of acquired results through the system,

-         design and redesign of full business systems related to energy consumption



ME Future Vision

ME has a vision of further development towards achieving leading position within European energy consumption management industry. ME continues competing with its challenges in order to keep on setting advanced standards within Western Balkans, Central Europe, Asia and Africa.


Our goals are:

-         to increase market share in Central and Eastern Europe, while remaining the local market leader;

-        to cut energy losses within global networks;

-        to decrease stealing energy within networks that implemented ME solutions;

-        to decrease expenses of spending energy by creating balanced and personalized systems;

-        to offer fully automatic systems with precise financial reports and billing;

-        to raise awareness of protecting nature by using completely recyclable products

-        to offer vacancy opportunities in all countries that operate with ME solutions, etc.


Based on our long experience on local markets, together with excellent knowledge and wide network of distributors and services, Mikroelektronika can now offer our resources to provide support for representing wide range of producers of electronics, but also any other equipment which requires highly professional staff and organization.