28.1.2015. New generation of devices received CE and MID certificates for EU market

me logo webIn accordance with our tradition based on quality and excellence, and compatibility with all relevant EU and world standards within our industry, our new generation of electronic meters have passed all necessary tests and received CE and MID certificates.

As a regional leader in our industry, we have successfuly completed all of the challenges set by demanding markets such as EU.

Unlike CE, which is one of the main certificates for all products in EU, MID is quite specifically oriented towards the industry of electronic meters

MID consists of set of directives which strictly and precisely define many parameters requested from new generations of smart meters. MID defines both hardware and software of meters.

All of the EU distributions have adopted the rule to use the MID as the only guarantee that the meter will perfom all requested operation and provide the complex functions, which have become obligatory. MID ensures that all measurments will be precise, quality of delivered and consumed energy will be registeres at all times, two way communication will be available to the central software just in time, etc.

It is clear why MID has become obligatory to all modern distributions.

It is only logical to assume that domestic distributions will soon adopt the same rule and simplify the processes of public procurements and ensure the highest quality of the meters installed in the region, by relying on the results given by credible EU laboratories and institutions.