Mikroelektronika tomorrow

ME has a vision of further development towards achieving leading position within European energy consumption management industry. ME continues competing with its challenges in order to keep on setting advanced standards within Western Balkans, Central Europe, Asia and Africa.

Our goals are:

  • to continuesly increase market share in Central and Eastern Europe, while remaining the local market leader;
  • to cut energy losses within global networks;
  • to add our contribution to global energy efficiency
  • to decrease stealing energy within networks that implemented ME solutions;
  • to decrease expenses of spending energy by creating balanced and personalized systems;
  • to offer fully automatic systems with precise financial reports and billing;
  • to raise awareness of protecting nature by using completely recyclable products etc.

Based on our long experience on local markets, together with excellent knowledge and wide network of distributors and services, Mikroelektronika can now offer our resources to provide support for representing wide range of producers of electronics, but also any other equipment which requires highly professional staff and organization.