Coming out of the Military Industry which developed and produced highly sophisticated military equipment, Mikroelektronika had started the new commercial program – development and production of modern and innovative solutions for the management of electric energy consumption.

First products of this program were produced in the 1991.

After this successful pioneer project, new R&D department had been reinforced with new members from different fields of expertise. This combination of experience and creativity has been the base for the innovative ideas which are being implemented in our new generations of products from all our programs.

Together with new development, we have accepted new technologies and won international certificates and awards, and today we are producing the fifth generation of the products related to measurement and management of electric energy consumption.

New generation of products are also based on DLMS standard, produced according to the ISO standard, and have the CE certificate.

New systems have already outgrown the simple measurement and have become sophisticated systems for the control and management of the consumption from the distribution centers, but also for the final user to have the insight into the quality and consumption of received and bought energy.

Two way communication established through GSM/GPRS, PLC, RF, RS485, M-BUS, or WIRELESS M-BUS modules enables numerous possibilities for remote measuring, registering and archiving; analyses of produced, delivered and consumed energy; as well as switching the users on and off the network. All of these functions can be performed automatically or by the authorized personnel.

For the control and management of consumption, together with our strategic partner we have developed the special comprehensive software -  MESMET.

Different versions of MESMET with different levels of functions and possibilities are essential for the distribution centers to control and manage the consumption in millions of households and industry, but  also very useful for the final user who desires to take more control over his costs and quality of the bought energy.

Our strategy in development and production leads us into offering new solutions and implementing new technologies which will enable the control of all sources of the energy used by domestic or industrial consumer - in one device and through one system.

The DLMS standard allows the meters for gas, hot and cold water to all be connected to our central measuring unit – electric energy meter, which will register and process all the data and provide all necessary information to the central processing software.

Our longterm strategy of R&D and production is focused in the direction of offering solutions with the following base principles:

  • Cutting down the losses of energy and expenses
  • Increasing the efficiency of the produced energy
  • Protection of the environment