Vision, mission and values

Vision: „To make energy consumption mangement highly personal with unlimited options for all of users of energy to choose how to fulfill their energy needs.“

Mission: „To offer a high quality and flexible products and custom designed solutions for measuring and managing consumption of energy according to all, even small market niches and their needs.“

• Product quality – to provide maximum customer value, bearing in mind the ratio “price of the product – the quality of the product.”
• Innovation – constantly behave in accordance with the motto “it is possible”, and constantly improve the company.
• Flexibility of solutions – development and making solutions according to real and specific customers’ needs and demands
• Teamwork – supporting and valuing our differences, employee loyalty and enthusiasm in the work in order to meet the needs of each customer.
• Results oriented – of each team member is expected to contribute to the success through continuous improvement and performance monitoring.
• Partnerships with buyers – based on friendly relations and long-term cooperation with them driven by mutual inetersts
• Kindness – showing respect and providing quality customer service.