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We have been producing high-profile electronic equipment since 1975.

Mikroelektronika had initially been producing highly sophisticated military equipment but in 1991 we started a new commercial program – with primary segment being development and production of modern and innovative solutions for electric energy consumption management.

Genuine development

All our products are fully developed in-house, starting from base design to final assembly

Latest standards

We constantly adhere to all the latest standards and certificates to ensure full compatibility

Extensive testing

Sophisticated testing procedures ensure maximum quality and durability of our products


New generation of products, based on DLMS and IDIS, produced according to ISO and with CE certificate

Our long term strategy of R&D and production is focused in the direction of offering solutions with the following base principles:

  • Cutting down the losses of energy and expenses
  • Increasing the efficiency of the produced energy
  • Protection of the environment

Third generation of our fiscal systems, tailored for specific requirements of several different markets.

Mikroelektronika has been developing, producing and improving fiscal systems since the year 2000. Our latest generation of devices perfectly suit the latest trends in retail and wholesale business.